A Priority Programme of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft


SPP1313- Summerschool 31.10.-02.11.2012

5th Thematical Workshop: Protein Corona: Bedeutung, Charakterisierung und biologische Auswirkung

International Conference on Biological Responses to Nanoscale Particles, September 11-15, 2011 in Essen, Germany

Kick-Off Meeting in Fulda, 07 - 09 march 2011

review colloquium

4th Thematical Workshop

SPP1313-Summer school 10.-13.09.2009

SPP1313-Colloquiums: Engineered Nanoparticles for Health Effects Studies 18/19.05.2009

First reporting colloquium in Fulda 15.- 17.02.10

3rd Thematical Workshop: Diagnostics of Bio-Nano-Interactions 18.-19.12.2008

2nd Thematical Workshop: Materials and Synthesis 19.-11.12.2008

1st Thematical Workshop: Cellbiology / Biofunctions 24.-25-11.2008

Kick-Off Meeting in Fulda, 14th and 15th february 2008